Brighten Your Yard with these 5 Spring Garden Ideas

Whether you’re selecting the perfect flora and vegetables for planting or readying your solar patio for the growth ahead, crafting a picturesque garden and nurturing a backyard sanctuary requires patience. 

Fortunately, spring offers an ideal launchpad for this endeavor. Here are 5 spring garden ideas that you can take inspiration from:

Separate Your Perennials 

As spring takes its initial steps, seize the opportunity to divide most of your perennials. This timing enables the new plants to establish their roots before winter sets in. 

Optimal division occurs when each plant has matured for approximately two years, ensuring its growth is not impeded by overcrowding. By transplanting these divisions, you create breathing space and promote better growth. 

Identify areas in need of foliage or establish new flower beds as ideal spots for your transplants. Should an abundance of divided perennials persist, scatter these blooms and extend your generosity to neighbors seeking botanical beauty.

Add Trees and Shrubs

You also want to integrate trees and shrubs as vital components of your garden design, as they contribute height and dimension to your outdoor space. 

In your preparations for the spring garden, ensure that you incorporate these elements cohesively within the overarching layout. Seek guidance from your local nursery, which can serve as a valuable resource for insights on the types of trees and shrubs best suited for your geographical region.

Add in Mulch

Ideally, aim for approximately three inches of mulch for each bed. Addressing this task during early spring proves beneficial, as it will alleviate future maintenance efforts throughout the subsequent spring and summer periods by reducing the frequency of weeding. 

Mulch serves as a valuable means to shield your plants, retain moisture, and enhance the visual appeal of your flower beds.

Make Sure to Prune Overgrowths

The task of pruning trees and shrubs during early spring can become confusing when considering which ones to trim and which ones to leave untouched. 

Here are some you want to take note of:

  • Spring-flowering trees
  • Non-fruiting shrubs
  • Young fruit trees
  • Hedges and conifers

You can also include summer-flowering deciduous shrubs and perennial vines in your spring pruning regimen.

Conduct Spring Cleaning

Preparing your garden for bulb and seed planting requires some initial effort in clearing the flower beds. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Safeguard your hands and skin with appropriate gear.
  • Remove any accumulated leaves and debris left over from winter.
  • Trim back dried grass or foliage.
  • Clear away excess mulch that may have built up or lost its vibrancy during winter.
  • Remove any protective covers from plants or hardscaping that were used during the colder months and store them away for future use.

Hopefully, these spring garden ideas can give you a head start when preparing your garden for the upcoming spring season.

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