A Quick Guide to Proper Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels only require minimal maintenance beyond periodic cleaning and ensuring they are free from obstructions. Besides, to function optimally, they need an unobstructed path to the sun.

With regular maintenance, solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years. However, if you notice a decline in their output, it might be an indicator that they need cleaning or attention.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Accumulated dirt, debris, and other particles can soil solar panels, potentially diminishing their energy production. 

You want to turn off your solar power system first before cleaning. A common cleaning method involves using lukewarm water from a hose to spray down the panels. It’s important to avoid using cleaning agents or soap, as they can cause streaks and damage to the panels.

For more stubborn deposits on solar panels, a combination of spraying them with lukewarm water from a garden hose and gently wiping them down using a non-abrasive microfiber cloth is effective. 

If you’re cleaning panels while on a roof, prioritize safety by using a safety harness to prevent falls. When cleaning from a ladder, exercise caution to avoid accidents. Alternatively, using a telescopic pole with a microfiber cloth attached can help you clean solar panels safely from the ground.

When to Conduct Maintenance for Your Solar Panels

On average, you only need to conduct maintenance for your solar panels two to four times annually. 

The fall and spring seasons are optimal for maintenance, as they follow winter when dust and debris can accumulate on panels. Fall is also relevant due to falling leaves and other debris, although issues like tree sap and bird droppings should also be considered.

Performing quarterly checks on your solar panels will enhance performance monitoring and allow for timely issue detection and resolution. Regular inspections of wires and connections are essential to ensure their functionality, as critters may cause damage unbeknownst to you.

If preferred, you can enlist a professional for an annual inspection to ensure thorough and expert maintenance.

In case you’re wondering, professional maintenance services can range from $140 to $180 annually. Meanwhile, an annual inspection typically costs around $150, and if you require cleaning services, the cost can also be around $150.

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